Title [Pediatric] Little - G , Georgia's story
Writer admin Hit 1244 Date 2013-08-27

Little beautiful spark of life... Georgia's story.. and thereafter..

Diagnosed with an aggressive tumor on her lower spine days after her birthday in June, Georgia was receiving proton beam treatments at Korea’s National Cancer Center (NCC) and undergoing chemotherapy across town at Severance Hospital.

When she was first diagnosed with a rare Ewing's sarcoma, physicians at St. Luke’s Medical Center in the Philippines predicted a 20 percent chance of survival. Her parents reached out to NCC and shared Georgia’s health records. Evaluating Georgia’s medical progress over the summer, including the smaller-sized tumor and its sensitive location, the proton doctors at NCC figured her chances of survival would be 60 to 70 percent.

Following a week of treatment planning, Georgia rightly started to recieve 8-week proton treatment. After proton treatment, returning home to Manila for her next round of chemotherapy, Georgia and her family were hopeful about her health. Also, Georgia heartly added whe would start school after her 'owie' gone.

 Before long her returned home to Manila, her father Nick sent us an warm email with little Georgia's picture.
Though she is still the smallest, she physically slots right and also attends a Nursery with friends. :)