Title [Prostate] A journey of Mr Brent Deverell -part 1.
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[Prostate] A journey of Mr Brent Deverell -part 1.

Hello. Dear prospective international patients;
This is Eunji Choi who is an international patients coordinator from Proton Therapy Center at National Cancer Center in South Korea. Today, I am going to introduce Mr Brent Deverell. =)

As our 22th international patient, he arrived at our center on this Tuesday (Oct. 15. 2013) to get various tests before our doctors make his treatment plan. During two days, he had blood test, RT plan MRI, Diagnosis MRI, Bone scanning test and so on. While he and I were waiting during breaks in his tests, we had plenty of time to talk!
I hope our talk would be helpful for any patient who wants to know about our center.

Mr. Brent Deverell is 53 years old  from New Zealand. He has one son Ben (16) with his wife Deb. Brent has work  with his brother in their construction business for the last 30 years. His interests are varied but include Sports Fishing , squash and music to name a few.

Finding out about his prostrate cancer during a unrelated visit to his local GP, Brent started to investigate his treatment options, which in New Zealand really only came down to a Radical Prosectomy , as all other treatments available were not suitable for several different reasons (mainly age). Upon deciding on a Robotic Prosectomy (something a friend had had 1 year previous), Brent was waiting for his surgery date to arrive when he decided after talking to his friend again  and finding out more of the possible side effects that he would research a bit more on Proton Therapy.

Searching the internet he found Proton Beam Therapy, a treatment that has been used for around 20 years with great success.This Treatment is unavailable in many countries and therefore finding Doctors in New Zealand who had intimate knowledge of the therapy was difficult to say the least . Luckly Mr Derek Holland was the NCC 14th international patient and the first from New Zealand; so, Brent was able to talk directly to him and have all his questions answered .

Brent proceeded to investigate other treatment centre and found that NCC were moderately priced compared to several Treatment Centres in America and were far superior in the response time to emails and questions.
At the beginning of the year Brent had no idea of South Korea but has found it a very inviting safe country.
He gave me several observations of  Dr Cho and other staff members he meet during his testing:
A very caring Doctor who is vey well qualified and very reassuring to someone so far from home. All the Hospital staff that  I meet were very professional on all levels and very very curtious.

His older brother, Mr Leith Deverell, will visit here next week to get a cancer treatment, too.
So, for his coming brother, he added one more messege.
"Be assured the treatment here is first class!"

To be continued... =)