Title [Prostate] A journey of Mr Brent Deverell -part 2.
Writer admin Hit 2024 Date 2013-12-30
On the last day of his treatment, Brent sent a very caring email for our center and prospective international patients. We are so appreciated his warmest regards. =)

Well I was going to write a bit about treatment as it went along but time has just flown by and today was my 39th and last treatment.

Treatment days were Monday to Friday with the weekends off. I had my treatment at 10.00am every morning which gave me plenty of time in morning to get ready. With my brother having his treatment straight after me we were generally home before midday.

The Treatment itself takes about 30mins some days it was a little quicker the radiation period is always the same with the time to set up being the variable. Being nice and relaxed helps with this. I have had no pain during the treatment sessions. My side effects have been fairly minor and are what I expected and these will not last long and I should be back to normal within a couple of weeks.

The staff at the the National Cancer Centre have been wonderful and I cannot thank them enough for looking after me so well. For me this has been the best decission I could have made for treatment of my Prostrate Cancer.

Seoul is a great place to come for treatment the cost is reasonable and with the bonus  of having a great holiday at the same time. I have been absolutely amazed had how friendly the people are and how safe it is to stay here. You can go anywhere day or night male or female and not have to be concerned at all about your safety.

I am more than willing to be contacted should anyone reading this like to ask any questions as I know exactly how you are feeling at the moment.

I would also wish to thank Dr Cho and his staff from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of me and I will never forget this time I have had in South Korea.