Title [Prostate] One warmhearted father, Mr Leith Deverell and his story
Writer admin Hit 2070 Date 2013-12-30


Mr. Leith Deverell, our 23rd internationa patient, is from New Zealand. He has two little girls with his wife. From his childhood, the most valuable thing for him is his family. Like his parents were kind and courageous for him, Leith now is the best of fathers in the world I boldly say. =)

Leith, the older brother of Brent, also has worked in a construction business. His hobby is cycling and exercise! He has been usually very healthy.. Detecting a prostate cancer, Leith chose to get a proton therapy treatment with his brother in National Cancer Center South Korea.

Following a week of several tests and treatment planning, Leith rightly started to receive 8-weeks proton therapy treatment. After his last treatment, his family planed several trips along heading back to his home. I believe this Winter and Christmas would be very memorable and thankful one for him and his family...