Title [Pediatric] A letter from Munsu's mother..
Writer admin Hit 2313 Date 2013-12-30

Dear all proton therapy members and Dr. Kim;

How are you?
It has been long time after my son's last treatment.
I did not have a chance to express my thankfulness eariler. Sorry about that.

I remembered my son's response for me crying in the corner of his hospital room during his chemotherapy treatment. "Mom, why are you crying? You cry because of me? Don't cry. I'm okay, and we're okay." I was touched and made up my mind to be positive.

These days, Munsu is in 4th grade elementary school and has many good friends, too.
Some days ago, he passed a Taekwondo belt test, also applied for a contest and admitted for the contest audition!

Long ago, I was even not able to think about those happy days..
I am so thankful and glad day by day.
Please cheer up all other pediatric patients and their families at National Cancer Center!