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Mrs/Mr.Kearney went shopping a street market in Insadong.


Once we had made the decision that proton therapy was the way we wanted to go for my prostate cancer, we applied to a number of centres in Europe, the US and Korea. We were first accepted by the US and would happily have gone down this path if other opportunities did not open up.

 Thankfully a few days later we were advised that the Korean medical team had reviewed my medical records and approved me as a candidate for proton therapy. We chose Korea initially because it is so much closer to our home and family in Canberra Australia, and only one hour behind in time. We were later to find that there were other things that we did not know about the Korean option that make the experience unique. 

We were met at Incheon airport by Sang-mi Lee (known to us as Wendy [she became our guardian angel for virtually anything that we needed]) and Mr Cho our driver. We often said that we would love to have been able to talk to him as he was a very humorous man. We were driven to our serviced apartment at DMC Ville in Mapo-gu and helped with the settling in process. Wendy kindly arranged some orientation activities for the next day including our first quite daunting experience at HomePlus supermarket – without her we would not have had a chance to buy the necessary food and house items.

 We met with Dr Cho the following day and then proceeded through a number of MRI and CT scans, blood test and the like, all under the very caring and watchful eye of Lim the International Patient Coordinator at the National Cancer Center.  After the Medical Team had reviewed my MRI, CT and full body bone scans, Dr Cho offered us the option of reducing from a 39 to 28 day treatment plan. He explained that history had shown the extreme accuracy of the proton beam allowed this approach with a slight increase in dose and yet still achieve the same outcome without any increase in side effects 

Treatment commenced on the following Monday where we met Sook and Lee who would administer the proton therapy treatment every week day. I must admit that I was still a little uneasy as we started the treatment process. This residual fear disappeared quickly with the caring attention of Wendy, Lim, Sook, Lee and Dr Cho. 

During the whole treatment process, we found the medical team and “ground” team (Wendy and Mr Cho) to be gracious, caring, professional and truly interested in making this experience as easy as possible. Wendy even managed to find a golf course where I could indulge my passion! 

Everything that we had read about proton therapy was absolutely correct. I had no feelings of any kind during the daily treatment and the only minor side effects that I had were a little tiredness early on and a mild increase in urgency to go to the bathroom.  All in all it was a walk in the park.

 I started with a PSA of 6.2 on day 2 and ended seven weeks later at 0.1! We now commence the quarterly PSA review combined with hormone blocking injections for the next 21 months. Even the hot flushes have been a positive reminder of how lucky we were that my darling wife Cherylle “discovered” proton therapy on the Internet – Aussie doctors appear to either not know or (worse still) not want to know about this wonderful treatment option.


The team at the NCC, and Koreans in general made the time away from home (just over seven weeks) that much easier.  

We wish the team and the National Cancer Centre great continued success in providing real hope and wonderful outcomes. We already miss the team but treasure our wonderful memories. 

Warmest regards


Bill and Cherylle Kearney, Australia