Greetings from the Director
  • Greetings from the Director
  • Dear patients, patients' family and friends,
  • From my experience of watching my family suffering from cancer, I came to understand that receiving treatment in a hospital is just a small part of the process experienced by patients with cancer. Fighting against cancer includes a whole spectrum of mental, physical and financial challenges. Amongst the various struggles and attempts to overcome the disease, PBT (Proton Beam Therapy) has risen as an innovative way to confront cancer. Ever since 2007, National Cancer Center, one of the Korea¡¯s premier cancer hospitals, has been providing proton therapy as a treatment for cancer. Since then, there have been two cornerstone events. In April 2011, children with cancer were included in the Korean national health insurance coverage, which increased their access to treatments and reduced their financial burden. In May this year, the National Cancer Center held the acclaimed International Particle Therapy Cooperative Group Symposium, which allowed us to gain further recognition for our proton therapy.
    Proton therapy is useful because it can effectively treat patients with minimal side effects. Although PBT is particularly useful for treating cancer in children, it can also be used to treat cancers in adults, including liver cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer. Furthermore, chordoma and eye melanoma are best alleviated when treated with PBT. Proton therapy is efficient because it reduces the dose of radiation that reaches unaffected areas of the body while delivering a sufficient dose to kill the tumor. Patients who are not familiar with proton therapy must talk to healthcare professionals who have experience with it to treat various diseases.
    All of the doctors, nurses, and staff members at National Cancer Center are well trained and ready to help patients through discussing their illnesses as well as possible treatments. I would like to tell the patients and their families that they should not lose hope or courage during these hard times. A positive and self-loving attitude can strengthen one¡¯s immune system and help patients to become more resistant to cancer. We will do our best to use our knowledge and experience to help our patients with their treatment. For those who are seeking a cure for cancer, please visit us to find out whether proton therapy is appropriate for you. Our staff and I will always be ready to help you.

  • With regards,

    Dr. Dae Yong Kim
    Proton Therapy Center, National Cancer Center, Korea

    September 2014

    Director of Proton Therapy Center, Dae Yong Kim
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