Meet our team
    Radiation oncologists
  • The radiation oncologists at the Proton Therapy Center are some of the most qualified in the medical profession. They use their wealth of experience in the treatment of patients with a variety of cancers and conditions. The radiation oncologists at the Proton Therapy Center also have considerable research experience and are at the forefront of research into and application of proton therapy.
    Medical physicists
  • The medical physics group is involved in the development and application of new technologies and techniques in radiation therapy planning and delivery. They helps the radiation oncologists to design the treatments for each patient using 3D computer modeling and other advanced tools to customize the management approach for each patientí»s specific needs.
    Radiation oncology nurses
  • The radiation oncology nurses at the Proton Therapy Center are committed to providing comprehensive patient care in a multidisciplinary setting. They collaborate with doctors, radiation therapists, nutritionists, social workers, and other specialists in the hospital.
    Radiation therapists
  • Radiation treatments are administered by certified radiation therapists. The Proton Therapy Center has experienced therapists with extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and therapies
  • Engineers at the Proton Therapy Center support the routine clinical procedures performed by the clinical staff, and operate the proton beam equipment during treatment. They also provide patient-specific quality assurance, software testing, troubleshooting, and experimentation.
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