The treatment process
  • To register for proton therapy at the National Cancer Center, please contact our international coordinator. We will guide you through the treatment procedure and determine whether proton therapy is appropriate for your cancer. Once we receive your complete medical history, we will contact you about the recommended course of treatment. Once we have determined that the treatment at the National Cancer Center is appropriate, we will schedule all of your appointments, including diagnostic and laboratory tests, and treatment procedures.
Step 1  

Contact the coordinator of
the National Cancer Center

If you wish to be treated at the National Cancer Center, please send us a copy of your medical records to the coordinator.

Step 2  

Consultation, diagnostic
tests, and laboratory tests

Initial consultation, diagnostic tests, and laboratory tests will be performed by your physician.

Step 3  

Treatment preparation

While waiting for the laboratory and diagnostic tests, which usually takes about 1 week, we will perform treatment planning and make the aperture and compensator.

Step 4  

Patient specific QA
(quality assurance)

Medical physicists verify your treatment plan through the accurate measurement of the proton beam, and determine treatment machine parameters.

Step 5  

Proton therapy

Treatment sessions generally take 30-40 minutes. Most of the time is devoted to treatment set-up and precise aiming of the beam.

Step 6  


After completing the full treatment course, the National Cancer Center will provide you with a complete record of radiation treatment and a referral report, to assist follow-up monitoring once you return home.


    Role of the International Patient Coordinator
  • Because travelling to a foreign country away from family and friends can be stressful, we aim to make it easier for you by coordinating your medical needs before your arrival and during your stay. High quality and personalized services complement our medical care, and ensure you and your family have a comfortable stay. Please email or call us so that we can help you plan your entire journey.
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